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[Term 2 Revision Pack] P3EN - Term 2 Diagnostic Test Set A (3.10.21)

Academic Year Period: 22 Mar 2021 to Fri 28 May 2021

P3 English Diagnostic Test Set A

Instructions to students (Formative Assessment):
i) TRY the questions on your own first.
ii) After you have finished, check your answers with the AGrader counter staff using the Teachers' Worked Solutions.
iii) Watch the teaching video on the tablet for the questions that you do not understand or got wrong.
iv) Do corrections for the questions that you got wrong to ensure that you understand them.

  • (Student) P3 English Term 2 Diagnostic Test Set A
  • (Teacher) P3 English Term 2 Diagnostic Test Set A
  • Grammar MCQ (Page 3-4)
  • Video T2.DT.1 sample
  • Vocabulary MCQ (Page 4-5)
  • Video T2.DT.2
  • grammar cloze (page 6)
  • Video T2.DT.3
  • grammar cloze (page 7)
  • Video T2.DT.4
  • synthesis & transformation (page 8)
  • Video T2.DT.5 sample
  • vocabulary cloze (page 9)
  • Video T2.DT.6
  • open-ended comprehension (page 10-12)
  • Video T2.DT.7
  • Video T2.DT.7.1
  • Video T2.DT.7.2
  • Video T2.DT.7.3
  • Video T2.DT.7.4
  • Video T2.DT.7.5
  • Video T2.DT.7.6
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Video T2.DT.1, Video T2.DT.2, Video T2.DT.3, Video T2.DT.4, Video T2.DT.5, Video T2.DT.6, Video T2.DT.7, Video T2.DT.7.1, Video T2.DT.7.2, Video T2.DT.7.3, Video T2.DT.7.4, Video T2.DT.7.5, Video T2.DT.7.6"